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I‘m Dave Plassman.
In 1976 I graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Aerospace Engineering; the first blind person to earn that degree so far as I know. I’ve been that way since age 5, totally blind I mean, not an aerospace engineer, though I was bitten quite badly by the Space Bug at about age seven.
In college I declared two majors, the other one in Journalism which I pursued for the first three years. I also studied psychology, History, Ceramic and Industrial engineering. Because of my very wide range of interests I tended to focus on what I called multifaceted problem complexes, things like biomass energy, life support issues, energysufficient house system design. In the ’70s we were solving the very same issues that people talk about today relative to how we should power our nation and someday, reside in space or on other planets.
I and my young family hit some rough patches during the ’80s and ’90s. We homesteaded in Idaho for a while then we returned to Seattle where I worked in property management, designing playground equipment and environmental issues. I conceived strong interests in interactive computer use, hands-on creation in three dimensions and answering the needs of individual clients or customers. I returned to school, took my Master’s in Adult Education with quantitative Soc. And robotics snuck in, from Western Washington University finding to my surprise that I was qualified among other things, to be a social worker. In ’98 I accepted a position in Moses Lake Washington working with pregnant women (which shows how a good background in engineering really can take you wherever you want to go!)  In spite of everything though, I’m still at heart a technologist and designer and I believe passionately in the individual’s right to make choices.
I dislike anything which everybody knows but nobody ever questions, arrogant, self righteous people and selfish inconsiderate wastefulness; realizing, of course, that I’ve been guilty of all these things myself at one time or another. I enjoy suspenseful, eerie or offbeat novels, factual books about space, renewable energy, robotics, the brain, history, bioengineering, human factors, the brain technology generally. I love my greenhouse, building things, walking, reading with my wife, gardening, making beer, talking over a pint, my patio swing, drinking tea in the evening with some Andy Stewart or Jeanie Redpath, saying outrageous things at meetings which break everyone up. I divide my creative thinking time between Fabbing, designing moon=bases and writing novels.
My wife and I as of ’09 have been together for a bit over 30 years. We have a daughter who also is an U.W. grad and we currently have four pets, 3 cats and a blue dog (which in Moses Lake establishes us as criminals.) This website is about vision, vision for the future and for present possibilities. Please be welcome. Let us be kind to one another though argumentation is fine. Let’s go exploring together!

About the Webmistress:

The webmistress for this site, she uploads all content and does all editing.  Educated at the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Visual arts degree, she comes from a family of writers.  She has edited several books, both fiction and non fiction, collaborated on two poetry chapbooks, and illustrates stories and poetry as a sideline.  She maintains this site, the blog energy minimum road to outer space, her own blog Mindflight, and her art site Rohvannynshaw.com.
All site content copyright Dave Plassman unless otherwise stated.
Do not copy or use without permission.
Webmistress: Rohvannyn Shaw

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